Looking Forward ONLY!

I wasn’t going to post this until tomorrow, but since I am home unexpectedly today, here it goes.
Tomorrow, June 8th, 2017, marks 13 years that I came home from prison, and while I am aware that I have done some good things during this time, overall, I am not happy or satisfied at all.
I know nobody can turn back the hands of time, but can’t help but dwell on the past, and how, even more than a decade before I was first locked up, my life started to become a mess, due in large part to my addictions, but more so because of my own poor choices.
I went from a total overachiever, to someone who thought the world owed him, and have certainly paid the price.
One thing I will forever remain grateful for are those who stood by me throughout it all, including my friends and family, especially my mother, who has allowed me back into her good graces, after all the hurt I caused her and my beloved late father.
I can only imagine how my life would be today, had I not taken a wrong turn, and, more likely than not, would still be working at CBS Television, in some supervisory capacity.
On the bright side, I am still in relatively good physical shape, continue to have most of my brain cells, and now possess a heart and conscience!
Therefore, since it is never too late, I will always strive to be a better person than I was 24 hours earlier.
Thank you all for reading this!
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Eight Years Clean!

Fingers Me Eight Years Clean

Today, I celebrate eight years clean & sober.

I post this not to pat myself on the back, but to merely demonstrate to others that if I can do it, they can do it too.

Prison, overdoses, stabbings, gunshots, homelessness, nor anything else has stopped me from arriving at this destination, and nothing will prevent me from moving forward, One Day At A Time!

I look forward to continuing to share my story, both via my book, “Jew in Jail,” as well as by delivering motivational & inspirational speeches in person – all to help other addicts who are still sick and suffering.

Take care, and I hope to see you all again very soon.

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Just A Quick Hello!

Rock You

Since I haven’t posted in quite some time, I decided to let you all know that I am fine, and even though not active here on my blog due to focusing on some personal issues, am still clean myself, and continue to help others in their own recovery as much as possible.

Of course, should anyone need to contact me, then by all means do so, either through this blog, my website, or email address of Gman18NYC@aol.com.


Take care, everyone, and until next time…

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Seven Years Clean & Counting!

Gary Seven Years Clean Tomorrow Thurs Oct 30 2014 Today I celebrate seven years clean and sober! However, to be perfectly honest, I really do not feel like it should be a celebration of any sort.

Rather, I have always contended that I should always be free from alcohol and drugs, and, therefore, this day, like any other, is the norm!

After all, I had a fine upbringing from my parents, enjoyed a happy childhood, earned a college degree in journalism, and became successful in the business world.

Ending up addicted to alcohol and drugs, namely pain pills, was a result of some obviously unintended medical circumstances and poor lapses in judgment.

But, to this day, I take full responsibility for the consequences that followed, which included nearly six years behind bars, in addition to trips to psychiatric hospitals, emergency rooms, and a time living on the street as a homeless person.

I am sure anyone reading this now would argue that my being clean seven years is a big deal, but, again, I have always been my own worse enemy and harshest critic.

If there is one thing I can admit to being proud of, it’s the fact that I have been very resourceful in life, and have fought hard to overcome any obstacles that have come my way – most, if not all of which were through my own doing.

In addition, what I have learned over these past seven years of going to many Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings, as well as delivering motivational & inspirational speeches, is that the significance of my time being clean & sober is that it can, and hopefully will help other addicts in recovery to see they can get better too.

I know that, no matter what one has done in his or her past, recovery and a positive, productive life are possible.

To that extent, if there is ever anything I can do to help another recovering addict, or anyone not living up to their full potential in life, I will continue to be there at a moment’s notice.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read my book, “Jew in Jail” yet, I strongly urge you to do so.


It tells the story of how I was finally able to decide to turn my life around from my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling, under the worst conditions imaginable of being a minority behind bars.

In addition, I also invite all of you to check out this speech I delivered in October of 2012 to a group of inmates who graduated from a drug program at a jail in Richmond, Virginia, to demonstrate again that, regardless of one’s past, it is possible to overcome any difficulty and go on to lead a productive, positive and successful life.

Until next time, everyone, take good care of yourselves and each other, and look for my next post very soon!

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Enjoy Your Life All Year Round!

Enjoy Life

Today is the last full day of the summer of 2014, and, as fate would have it, is a glorious sunny one here in Brooklyn, New York.

I had a very enjoyable summer myself, and hope you did too.

The biggest and most important factor for me personally is that my clean time keeps increasing, and now stands at six years, 10 months and 21 days.

However, being free from alcohol and drugs for this long doesn’t guarantee that the rest of my life is in tip-top shape.

That’s why I must continue to go to meetings, speak to my sponsor, share my story in person and here online, and keep my sobriety my number one priority.

I always appreciate you – my readers – especially the ones who provide such great feedback and inspiration, for, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be as motivated as I am to help others.

So, please keep on keeping on, work and play hard, enjoy the autumn season, and look for my next post soon!

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Gone Too Soon!

Suicide Prevention

I was very saddened to learn about the apparent suicide of comedian and actor Robin Williams yesterday in California.

It’s a tragedy anytime any human being takes their own life, rather than ask for help with whatever particular problem they are going through at the time.

Williams was reportedly suffering from depression for quite a while, and the fact that he was an alcoholic and addict in long-term recovery, really caused this news to hit home for me.

His suicide just goes to show that neither fame nor fortune guarantee happiness.

In the grand scheme of things, no amount of money or material possessions mean a damn thing if you aren’t content with who you are deep down as a person.

While it is unfortunately true that when a “celebrity” dies of either an overdose or suicide as a result of depression, the world takes notice, the fact of the matter is that hundreds – if not thousands – of “regular” people are dying this way every single day.

Please seek help if you are suffering from any disease or problem that is currently holding back your growth and happiness, and know that there are so many people out there willing to help.

Celebrities, singers, and athletes will always have their “yes” men and women surrounding them to say how great and talented they are, but in the end, each and every single one of us as human beings go to bed at night with our own specific insecurities.

In fact, those so-called “yes” men and women are likely, although unintentionally, doing more hard than good by allowing this to go on.

So, whether you are known by millions throughout the world or just the people on your particular block, please realize you are never alone in your daily battles in life.

Call, write, or seek help any way you can if you aren’t feeling good about yourself.

Never keep things bottled up.

There ARE people who care and want to help.

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The Summer Of 2014 Is Finally Here!

Summer Sand

After enduring such a cold and rough winter, summer is finally here, and I truly hope you all enjoy this terrific time of the year.

I will be taking the summer off myself, since I have been working full throttle ever since being released from prison in June of 2004 – over 10 years now – and I just need to refuel and come back bigger and better than ever, in order to spread the message of recovery and help as many human beings as I can in general.

I still may pop up from time to time, should I have something to post.

But, for the most part, I look forward to connecting with all of you again in September.

Until then, have a great summer, and be good to yourself and others!

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Free And Honest As Ever!

Improve Your Life

This week marked ten years that I was released from prison on June 8, 2004, after serving nearly six years for robbery, which was based on my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Although I have done many good things over this time, such as writing my book, “Jew in Jail,” and delivering motivational & inspirational speeches to help other addicts in recovery or anyone not living up to their full potential, I am also very aware of the fact that I continue to make mistakes, and, therefore, will always be a work in progress.

But that is fine with me.

I realize that change doesn’t occur overnight, or even over a ten year span, and am prepared to work even harder than ever before in order to be the best possible person I can be.

Life definitely is a learning process, and by continuing to read, write, speak, and go to meetings to hear others share their messages, it will enable me to become what I strive for, which is a man people call genuine, helpful, humble, and someone to look up to.

I know there will always be bumps along the way, but with great friends, and readers like you at my side, we can help each other make it in this crazy worlds of ours!

I hope this summer is the best one you will ever experience, and look forward to the great feedback and comments you always provide, either here on my blog, in person, via email, or through my website, http://www.jewinjail.com/.

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Sharing Is Caring!

Me1 Speaking At The Brooklyn Public Library On Tuesday May 27 2014

I had a great time this past Tuesday night at the Brooklyn Heights branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, as I spoke about my book, “Jew in Jail,” and recovery from addiction.

I appreciate everyone who came out to hear me discuss my past, hopes for the future, and how I do my very best each day to help others battling the disease of addiction.

The questions were right on the money, and the support and love I felt were tremendous.

Obviously, since I cannot change what took place in the past, the best I can do these days is share my experiences and provide insights on what it takes to remain clean and sober in order to live a fruitful life, filled with self-esteem and self-confidence.

I look forward to speaking again, either at the library, a school, drug treatment program, hospital detox, jail, or anywhere I can be of value to others.

Until next time, take care, and start to enjoy this beautiful weather that has been a long time coming!

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You Are What You Think!

Adversity Overcoming

I hope everyone is doing well.

Today’s post on my blog will simply be the audio link to my website, which contains some of my past radio interviews about not only my book, “Jew in Jail” and what it was like to serve nearly six years behind bars, but also what I do these days to motivate and inspire others through my speeches, so that everyone realizes how special they are and possess unlimited potential to be anything they desire in life.


I am especially proud of the radio interview I did with Host Coach Marla on her program, “Winning Life Through Pain” on 8/17/12, which is the first interview on the link I just posted above.

I hope you all get a chance to listen, and can relate to some of the things I went through in life, in order to understand that, no matter what took place in anyone’s past, change is possible, and with hard work and dedication, success and happiness can be achieved.

If you haven’t read my book, “Jew in Jail” yet, I hope you do.

It is chock full of insightful information on how I was able to recover from my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling while incarcerated, and go on to lead a happy and healthful life myself.


In addition, if you or anyone you know is in need of a motivational and inspirational speaker, I sure hope you tell them about me!

Finally, I also always welcome comments from you, my readers, about my blog, book or website, because receiving feedback from you is what drives me to be my best and help others.

Until next time, everyone, have a great day, and week ahead!

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